Site Admin User Guide

2. Logging In / Out And Different User Types

Logging In

There are two main interfaces to the site administrator:

Both are accessible from your web browser from the urls that you will have been given, normally these will be: for the lite version.

Log in is provided for each via either a username/password or email address/password combination. The same login details will work for both the desktop and light versions.

To log into the administrator go to the URL for either the desktop version or lite version which has been sent to you, and enter your login data into the form on this page.

If you have not received or forgotten your login data please contact us and we can set you up new login details or change your passwords.

The desktop version of the software requries a good screen resolution in order to work adequately, as it allows many 'windows' to be opened and run in the browser simultaneously. You will need to use a good sized monitor to use this section adequately. The current standard laptop resolution is supported (1388x768px) however older pcs or monitors may not be able to display the content correctly. You can use CTRL+ and CTRL- (hold down the control key and hit plus or minus) to change the size of the display in your web browser to something more suitable if needs be.

User Types

Simple web sites often only have one basic user type - the administrator who will perform day to day updates and edits. More complex applications may require different types of users with different permissions.

There are two default user types:


Normally, most people editing the site will be this type. Normally add and edit permissions are set up for most sections, and delete permissions are set up as required. Different permissions can also be assigned to different users in this category. You will need access to the superadministrator account to alter the permissions for any regular administrator.


A superadministrator normally has full permissions over all editable sections of the site, and in addition can set up new users, edit and delete other users. There is normally only one super administrator account. Sometimes we will retain this account and just provide administrator level access.

Other User Types:
(This is an advanced level topic and only applies to applications where being able to create new users with different permissions from your own is required)

If you have permissions to set up new users, it is also possible to create your own custom 'user types'. This is done in the 'User Types' section. By default a user type will have no permissions and will not be able to do anything. You will need to set up permissions for this user type in the 'Permissions' section.

Login Duration:

By default, any user will remain logged in for up to one hour of inactivity. If the user has not clicked on a link on the screen during this time, they will be logged out automatically and have to log in again.

Further Support

For further help and support, please contact Paragon Digital on 0775 646 0555.