Site Admin User Guide

12. Templates

Note: This is an advanced level topic

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We have covered editing all kinds of different types of data, and can now move onto the templates in which this data is displayed. There are a number of different templates available:

Site Templates (Master templates)

Site templates (or master templates) normally hold the main design of the web site or application - often including things like a logo, header bar, menu etc, and pages of content or listings of records are displayed as pages within these templates.

Form Templates

Forms comprise of a number of elements, and the layout of these elements is organised in a form templates.

Email Templates

The content of emails which the web site may send out can be organised in an email template.

Recordset Templates

Recordset templates are used to contain the layout of lists of data from a database table or query. There are two types of recordset templates - outer and inner.

Outer templates are the surround for a set of records, and inner templates contain a template for the particular data item in general. Examples are:

General Data View Templates

When browsing a list of items in a recordset template, each item will be held it a data view template. Data view templates hold all of the fields for one single record of data, and that master template including the layout (but not content) of these fields can be edited here. A data view template will itself normally be embedded in a page which itself will be displayed in a site template..

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